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Election is a choice between a Fine Gael-led or Sinn Féin-led Government - Adams

3 February, 2016 - by Gerry Adams

Speaking after Taoiseach Enda Kenny confirmed the dissolution of the Dáil, Sinn Féin Leader, Gerry Adams TD, has said:

“Fine Gael and Labour have presided over some of the most reprehensible policy decisions ever made by a Government in this State, and they have brought chaos to the lives of ordinary citizens.

“They cut child benefit, the back to school allowance, the respite care grant, 1.5 million home help hours, and they abolished the bereavement grant.

“They promised a new health service. Instead, last year we saw the highest number of patients on trolleys since records began and we have the worst A&E waiting times in Europe. The aim of this Government, if re-elected this time around, is to privatise healthcare.

“Workers’ wages were cut and another generation forced into emigration.

“They saddled struggling households with excessive mortgages, Water Charges and a Family Home Tax whilst reducing taxes for the wealthy.

“They refused to invest in house building, abdicating responsibility to developers and taking the side of landlords against tenants.

“But now, for the first time since the foundation of this State, there is an opportunity for real change.

“The choice is between two visions for Irish society. A Fine Gael led Government that will deliver more of the same unfairness and inequality, or a Sinn Féin led Government that has a plan to deliver a fair recovery for all citizens, and put stability back into the lives of the average family.

“That is why our first priority in Government will be to abolish Water Charges and the Property Tax, and take more than a quarter of a million people out of the USC net.

“Polling day is the citizens’ day, and the people have choices to make.

“I hope they choose for fairness and for genuine Republican politics. I hope they vote for Sinn Féin.”

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