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Kenny’s legacy on health is broken promises and hospitals in chaos - Adams

7 February, 2016 - by Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin Leader Gerry Adams, has said Enda Kenny’s legacy on Health is a litany of broken promises. He was speaking at the launch of Sinn Féin's plan to deliver Universal Healthcare. 

Gerry Adams said:

“On the first day of the election campaign, Sinn Féin exposed the fact that Fine Gael was trying to cook the books and present the electorate with a manifesto that could not be delivered.

Yesterday, Fine Gael was exposed for trying to hoodwink the electorate on Health.

“Senior Government officials removed warnings by the HSE Director General in the 2016 Plan that the Health Service is facing its most difficult year in a decade due to lack of investment.

“In extraordinary comments in the media this morning, Health Minister Leo Varadkar claims that:

“‘What can happen in some hospitals is sometimes, when they have more beds and more resources, that kind of slows things down.””

“He said it means hospital staff "don't feel as much under pressure".

“So, the Minister is advocating hospital overcrowding. This again exposes Fine Gael's disgraceful attitude to healthcare.

“Enda Kenny’s legacy in health is chaos in emergency departments, elderly patients languishing on hospital trolleys for days on end, or waiting years for badly needed procedures, and children denied essential treatments.

“Under the Taoiseach’s watch Health has gone from bad to worse.

"Fine Gael's pledge to deliver universal health insurance has been scrapped. 

"Their pledge to reduce hospital waiting lists and A&E trolley has been broken.

"Their promises to deliver free GP care is gone. So is their promise to end prescription charges. It’s one broken promise after another.

“The health system is failing citizens because it is an inequitable two-tier, system as a consequence of the Government's clear objective of privatising it.

"As each year passes, people are paying more and getting less.

"Enough is enough. It's time Fine Gael were stopped in their tracks before they achieve their goal of privatising our health service. They simply cannot be trusted with our health service.

“Sinn Féin has a fully costed, deliverable plan for health based on the fundamental belief that citizens should be able to access healthcare as a right, on the basis of need.

"Patients deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. That will be a key priority for Sinn Féin in Government.”

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