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Fianna Fáil’s childcare promises echo empty promises of 2007 - Cllr Carney-Boud

12 February, 2016 - by Cathleen Carney Boud

Sinn Féin Canidate for Dublin North West, Cathleen Carney Boud has hit out against Fianna Fáil’s childcare plans, highlighting the fact that they will neither improve quality of care nor accessibility and will actually increase costs for parents.  

Cllr Carney Boud said:

“This is Fianna Fáil of old - trying to fix the country on the cheap. A closer look at their childcare plans reveals that they are utterly empty and will not in any way improve the quality of childcare services in this state. 

“Their proposal to use tax credits as a substitute for actual structural investment is shallow and simplistic. The fact is that it will have zero effect on the quality and accessibility of childcare for parents. 

“International reports show that tax credits have no long-term impact on affordability and end up increasing the cost of services as providers adapt their prices to absorb the credit.

“Only Sinn Fein is committed to the type of infrastructure investment needed to combat the issues facing Irish households today in terms of costs, access and quality.

“Sinn Féin has a fully costed plan for actual, real investment in child care, health, housing and infrastructure.

“Fianna Fail has given us nothing today nothing but a fully costed plan for tax credits - and tax credits end up being absorbed within a year by rising costs. 

“By 2018, under Fianna Fáil's tax credit plan, we will be back to square one with no real change in affordability, quality or access to show for it.

“It goes without saying that Fianna Fáil have no vision, no planning, no energy and no ideas and have absolutely no solution for improving childcare in Ireland”

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