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Fine Gael have failed the people of Cavan - Senator Kathryn Reilly

14 February, 2016

Speaking this morning Sinn Fein Senator and Cavan/Monaghan General Election candidate Kathryn Reilly has said that Fine Gael have failed the people and communities of Cavan.

Senator Reilly said:

“Despite having three Government TDs and a Government Minister for almost the entire term of the last government Cavan has failed to receive the benefits of recovery.

“Like many other counties throughout Ireland, Cavan has suffered under this government. The people of Cavan have been targeted with water charges and property tax and all the while the services in the county have been pared back to the bone.

“Under Fine Gael, Cavan has seen the number of Gardaí in the county reduce by 18%, along with the closure of four Garda stations under Fine Gael.

“Under Fine Gael, services at Cavan general Hospital were gutted. The hospital saw a 25% cutback in staffing at the Outpatient Department while the capacity of the hospital was not increased following the downgrading of Monaghan General Hospital and the patient care and safety was put at risk because of Fine Gael’s policies.

“Under Fine Gael there was not one single IDA state sponsored visit to Cavan in 2015. This is consistent with the previous four years of Fine Gael’s tenure where there has only been a derisory six state sponsored IDA visits to Cavan since 2011.

“Under Fine Gael homelessness has risen in Cavan by 500% in the past two years. Cavan, like the rest of the country has faced social housing shortages; a crisis of homelessness; rising private property prices; increasing rents; shortages in emergency and specialty accommodation; and burdensome mortgages.

“Under Fin

e Gael student fees increased to €3,000, they have introduced water charges, they have introduced a property tax, they cut Jobseekers allowance for the young, they cut the Respite Care Grant, they abolished the Bereavement Grant, and introduced many more stealth taxes and introduced many more draconian cuts.

“Fine Gael say they want to keep the recovery going but it is clear that in Cavan is an exception and is getting more of the same apathy. Sinn Féin has a plan to tackle the issues facing Irish society and economy. We have outlined it in our election manifesto and in Government we will deliver on that plan for the people of Ireland and the people of Cavan.”

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