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Kenny’s scare tactics won’t work – Adams

16 February, 2016 - by Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams, responding to comments made by Taoiseach Enda Kenny in Dundalk this afternoon in which has said a new Government would bring economic instability, has said ‘Enda Kenny’s scare tactics are a product of the advice given to Fine Gael by the British Tory party’s election strategists recently’.

Deputy Adams continued:

“Fine Gael and Labour started this campaign on the back foot by producing dodgy figures and making election promises they know can’t be delivered.

“They are now scrambling for credibility and in its absence, have resorted to scare tactics that won't work to try and imply an alternative Government would bring instability, despite the outgoing Government causing chaos in the lives of ordinary working families and citizens.

“It is now time for new, progressive politics in Ireland and Sinn Féin is leading the charge to lead a new government under the Right2Change principles. We have outlined our vision, backed by clear, comprehensive, costed and deliverable policies that will grow the economy in a sustainable and fair manner that benefits all of our citizens.” 

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