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Coroners investigators must be neutral - Milne

22 February, 2016 - by Ian Milne

Sinn Féin MLA Ian Milne has called on the Justice Minister David Ford to ensure that investigators appointed to support the Coroner’s office to deal with legacy cases have no history of involvement with state forces.

 Mr Milne said,

 “In the Assembly today I asked the Justice Minister David Ford about the recruitment of new coroner’s investigators to assist in investigations into legacy cases related to the conflict.

 “Many of the outstanding inquiries and inquests are dealing with people killed by the RUC or British Army and their agents.

 “I was concerned that current job description states that candidates should have ‘extensive experience of managing serious crime investigations in the context of Northern Ireland’. 

 “Yet I understand that the business case from the Coroner’s Service in 2014 said that to ensure independence would appear to exclude formers members of the RUC, current or former members of the PSNI or anyone with connections to the military.

 “I am calling on the Minister to ensure those appointed have the requisite independence and I have asked him to explain why the job criteria was changed from those suggested and recommended by the coroner’s service.”

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