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A United Ireland will deliver democracy to the people of Ireland - Ó Donnghaile

23 April, 2016 - by Oliver McMullan

A United Ireland will deliver democracy to the people of Ireland.

A United Ireland will be more prosperous and deliver economically for all people.
Partition is the biggest threat to the economy and society in Ireland both north and south.

Austerity is the price of the Union with Britain
Ireland can afford to be United and recent major research by Hubner and Van Nieuwkoop  has indicated that despite the ill-informed naysayers not only can this be done but most importantly of all it will deliver for all the children. 

Our party is building its all-Ireland project all the time. We will give voice to Irish citizens in every elected institution on this island and hopefully next week a Belfast voice in An Seanad. The time of successive Dublin Governments either paying lip service to or worse again ignoring the needs, hopes and aspirations of people in the North are well and truly over. Sinn Féin has ensured that.  

In this, the centenary year of the 1916 Rising the vision and ideals of that era remain unfinished business. Tá saoirse na tíre agus áthmuintreachas ár ndaoine ag croí lár an oibre atá os ár gcomhair. 

Ceann de huirlisí is fearr fa choinne seo na ár dteanga dúcháis, an Ghaeilge.

The Irish language flourishes across Ireland. It's growth is led generally by a youthful, dynamic, confident and proud community of speakers from every background and tradition on this island. I am proud of the work ongoing in my own constituency of East Belfast to share the language and reclaim it for all the people of Ireland. 

Is é cuisle na háthbheocháin ná an Gaeloideachais - the heartbeat of the revival has been Irish Medium Education. Sinn Féin have the record in transforming our education sector in the north for the better, investment, growth and achievement have been the lynchpin. 

That's why I want to, on your behalf from this Ard Fheis, send a very clear and unequivocal message that, regardless of what happens in the next Executive, this party will not allow anyone to turn back the clock on the progress of the Irish Medium Education Sector. Seasfaidh muid an fhód. 

This party is about cherishing ALL the children of the nation equally, this party is about ensuring the prosperity and wellbeing of all - this party inspired by the Revolutionary era of 1916 and energised by the passion of 2016 will ensure we will deliver Irish Unity agus tabhair an meas agus infhéistíocht don Gaeilge atá tuilte aici. 

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