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Lynn Boylan MEP welcomes EU Parliament adoption of report on the rights of domestic workers and carers

28 April, 2016 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan, a member of theEU Parliament's Employment and Social Affairs Committee has welcomed the adoption of a report calling on the EU to recognise the employment and social rights of domestic workers and carers.  

Ms Boylan said:

“The adoption of this report is an important step forward in recognising and protecting the rights of domestic workers and carers.

“According to the International Labour Organisation, 85% of domestic workers and carers are women and this report aims to ensure that there are no more second-class, low-paid, undeclared female workers in the EU.

It also aims to promote the professionalisation of domestic workers and carers, while seeking to eliminate numerous forms of discrimination that domestic workers and carers suffer.

Ms Boylan continued,

“Carers and domestic workers deserve a minimum wage, paid leave, pension, health and safety at work and should not continue to be taken for granted.

In Ireland migrant women are particularly vulnerable to exploitation by unscrupulous employers.

A report last summer by the Fundamental Rights Agency indicated that working in domestic households was identified as the major area for severe labour exploitation in Ireland.

At the time it kickstarted a debate around the employment status of au pairs in this country.

Young, migrant women working as au-pairs are still vulnerable to exploitation as there is no official recognition of au pairs in Ireland.

 I would use the publication of this latest report to renew calls to review the status of au pairs working here.”

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