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Sinn Féin will push for the answers that the Irish public deserves in relation to IBRC - Pearse Doherty TD

30 April, 2016 - by Pearse Doherty TD

Commenting on the release of the second interim report of the Commission of Investigation into IBRC, Sinn Féin Finance Spokesperson, Deputy Pearse Doherty has stated;

“Firstly, it beggars belief that the second interim report was released late on Friday afternoon, on the same day that a deal relating to the formation of a new government was being announced. It seems that the government attempted to orchestrate an information dump in the hope that the report would not garner the attention that it deserves.

“The delays pertaining to the commission are not acceptable and the stalling comes at a considerable cost to the people of this state. It is a deeply frustrating thing to observe as Sinn Féin has asked hundreds of parliamentary questions relating to the establishment of IBRC, the actions of IBRC, its liquidation and the appointment of the special liquidators from KPMG. We have always said that IBRC was no ordinary bank and that the public funding of its core elements meant that Irish citizens deserved answers to its operations.

"Enda Kenny was fond of saying that we pay our way. However, with IBRC customers his government made an exception by giving €1.8 billion worth of write-downs. We do not know why this decision was made. Ten months after the Commission of Investigation was established we still do not know why.

“Justice Cregan said that the legislation required to allow the Commission to do its job has not been brought before the House. Sinn Féin called for emergency legislation to be brought before the House in November. We are still waiting.

“Now that Fianna Fáil is on board it remains to be seen whether Micheal Martin is ready to jump in and shake the trees of what is also Fianna Fáil's recent past. The accounts of Anglo Irish Bank and Irish Nationwide continue to cast a shadow over this state. Fianna Fáil gave the guarantee, Fine Gael gave the write-downs. It will be left to the genuine opposition in the Dáil to push for the answers.

“Sinn Féin will continue to press this issue, as we will in relation to the write-downs relating to NAMA."

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