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Boylan slams outrageous lack of EU transparency on hormone-disrupting chemicals

23 May, 2016 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan today reacted to news that an impact assessment on endocrine disruptors is being kept behind locked doors, available for only 40 European officials can enter.

‘It’s a transparency policy even worse, if it can be imagined, than the TTIP reading rooms. These chemicals have been linked by scientific studies to various diseases and conditions such as hormonal cancers, for example breast and testicular cancer, reproductive problems and metabolic disorders.

‘EU legislation states that endocrine disruptors cannot be allowed on the market which is all well and good but of course if you want to ban something you have to define it first. Not only has the Commission missed the legal deadline to come forward with criteria for this definition by over 2 years but it has also been successfully taken to court by Sweden for failing to do so.

‘Amidst a very heavy lobbying campaign from the chemicals industry the Commission buckled under pressure and proposed an impact assessment which of course delayed the criteria being brought forward. This impact assessment is now being kept under lock and key by the Commission available only for only a handful of selected bureaucrats to see.

'It is unbelievable that even the French environment minister has reported that the Commission has refused to allow her, an elected representative, to see this assessment. European democratic decision-making at its finest.

‘Today I raised this issue in the European Parliament’s environment committee but the Commission neglected to respond to my concerns.

‘I call on the Irish government to declare whether it has asked to see this controversial report which has serious implications for human health and if not why not? The Irish government has form in recent weeks of not showing its hand on sensitive dossiers such as glyphosate, hiding behind the larger Member States whose voting weight means more scrutiny.

‘Nevertheless, Irish people have a right to at least know that their government are raising public health concerns and rejecting such non-transparent and undemocratic processes.’  

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