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"DUP attempt to block funding an abuse of power" - McShane

2 June, 2016 - by Cara McShane

Cllr Cara McShane had proposed £180k in grant funding at a recent council meeting for the Friends of Glenariff community project. She said the DUP has enraged people from all sections of the community in the Glens by attempting to sabotage the funding.

"The project received majority support from council after a lengthy debate last Tuesday night.  The support from council was also necessary in order to secure almost half million pound of match funding from an external funding body by Friday of this week.

"Despite the DUP opposing the funding and losing the vote, they have now triggered a mechanism where 15% of councillors can sign a petition calling for Council to take legal advice and discuss the proposal again.

“This is essentially a stalling tactic to ensure the Glens’ group miss out on the crucial deadline this Friday of the match funding and effectively throw six years of hard work into the back burner.

"The Friends of Glenariff have been working hard for almost six years to organise this project.  

"This is political posturing by the DUP.   

“It is a deliberate stalling tactic from a party that doesn't have a mandate in the entire Glens DEA and who will use any means possible to treat people in this part of the borough as second-class citizens."

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