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SDLP finance spokesperson can't add up - O'Dowd

14 June, 2016 - by John O'Dowd

Sinn Féin MLA John O'Dowd has said the deputy chair of the finance committee, Claire Hanna, clearly has problems adding up. 

Mr O'Dowd said; 

“Claire Hanna’s statement on a supposed discrepancy between two sets of figures in the June Monitoring Statement displays a worrying lack of financial ability from the deputy Chair of the Finance Committee.

"The figures she referred to were the level of resources available to the Executive and the amount allocated.

"If Ms Hanna had read to the end of the statement – or even listened to the Finance Minister –  she would have realised the supposed discrepancy was in the level of overcommitment the Executive had agreed was prudent.

"The £24.9 million she referred to, made up of a £13.5 million Resource DEL and £11.4 million capital DEL allocation, was clearly stated on page 10 on the statement.

"Indeed Ms Hanna’s financial illiteracy extends to the figures she quotes for allocations to The Executive Office which come to £27.2 million not the £26.2 million she refers to.

"More worrying, however is that Ms Hanna does not seem to realise that this is not funding for the maintenance of The Executive Office itself but rather funding for important programmes such as Delivering Social Changes and Shared Future which will deliver for communities in most need.”

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