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Sinn Fein votes against the European Union’s attack on our Post Offices

21 June, 2016 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Speaking this evening after a vote on a Postal Services Directive review from the European Parliament Employment and Social Affairs Committee, Sinn Fein MEP for Dublin Lynn Boylan has further reiterated Sinn Fein’s support to protect Irish Post Offices.

MEP Boylan said:

“The Postal Service in Ireland has for some time been subject to an unrelenting attack from the European Union in the shape of the Postal Services Directive which calls for all Member States to open up the Postal Services Sector to aggressive competition from private companies.

“Today in the Employment and Social Affairs Committee Sinn Fein, and our fellow European colleagues in GUE/NGL, voted against this review of the Postal Services Directive in order to protect Post Offices and workers in national Postal Services.

“In conjunction with the attack on our Post Offices from Europe, the previous Irish government oversaw the closure of dozens of Post offices around Ireland and indeed encouraged business away from Post offices by shifting payments of Social welfare payments from Post offices to banks.

“At a time when urban and rural communities across Ireland are struggling, we should be supporting the delivery of services from national Post Offices rather than acquiescing to European directives which seek to take the legs from under this vitally important service.

“It is vital that the EU allows for Member States to protect their national Postal Services, and does not force their liberalisation and exposure the service to aggressive competition, which in the main costs jobs, causes closure of Post Offices, and often results in a substandard service.    

“While there are challenges facing the Post Office network in Ireland, these can be overcome. We need to modernise and transform the role of the Post Office so that they become a hub for accessing public services and social protections within in the community, while also protecting jobs and the quality of the service delivered. It is for these reasons that I voted against this attack from the EU on our Post Offices." ENDS

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