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Department of Transport must restore grants to Local Authorities – Reilly

1 July, 2016

Dublin City Councillor Noeleen Reilly has called on the Minister for Transport to restore grants to Local Authorities to carry out vital works on our roads.

Speaking this morning, she said,

“From 2015 onwards, the Department of Transport stopped grants to Local Authorities for regional and local roads.

“Many families paying the property tax would have expected to see an increase in service provision but in fact the opposite was true.

“There are currently 174 requests for Pedestrian Crossings on the Dublin City Council Traffic Advisory Group.  Only one of these is under construction in 2016.

“Local Authorities simply do not have the funding required to carry out some of the extensive work needed.

“Jamestown Road is a prime example of a dangerous situation which is allowed to continue.  The road falls between two local authorities.  It requires a large amount of works to ensure safety for pedestrians and drivers yet the local authorities cannot carry out the works as it does not have the funding required.

“There has been several accidents on this road recently.

“Residents have been calling for traffic safety measures for over ten years now and still we are no closer to starting the necessary works identified and accepted by Dublin City Council.

“This is just one example of the poor condition of many of our regional and local roads and it simply cannot continue.”

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