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We warned Blair that Iraq invasion would be wrong - Gerry Adams TD

6 July, 2016 - by Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD commenting on the publication of the Chilcot report today said:

“Despite its diplomatic language there is no doubt from the Chilcot report that the War in Iraq was not justified and should never have occurred.

“Claims of weapons of mass destruction were bogus and the intelligence reports used to justify the Iraq invasion were deeply flawed.

“All peaceful options were not exhausted.

“In the course of Sinn Féin’s negotiations with the British Prime Minister Tony Blair both Martin McGuinness and I raised the prospect of an Iraq invasion with him.

“We told Mr Blair and his colleagues very strongly that an invasion would be wrong. We also warned him that, in our view, the outcome of any war would be a disaster for the people of Iraq and for the British people.

“We put this to him in a very forthright way and on a number of occasions.

“It was very clear from those conversations, many months before a public decision to invade was made, that Mr Blair was committed to an invasion.

“The report also raises concerns around the continued use of Shannon Airport for the Iraq war. Thirteen years ago the then Fianna Fáil government facilitated the transfer of weapons and troops to the War in Iraq in clear breach of Irish neutrality. The last Fine Gael/Labour government has sustained this approach.

“The Irish government needs to accept that the Chilcot report has concluded that the invasion should not have occurred. Consequently, it should ensure that Shannon airport is not used as a transit point for troops.”


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