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Theresa May must respect the democratic wishes of the people of the north

25 July, 2016 - by Gerry Adams

Speaking following the comments and visit by the British Prime Minister to Belfast Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams said;

“I welcome this morning’s meeting between the British Prime Minister Theresa May and the Deputy First and Deputy First Ministers.

“The British Prime Minister cannot with any credibility claim to speak on behalf of the people of the north.

“In the last election the Tory Party was rejected and in the recent referendum on EU membership the people of the north voted to remain.

“In her public remarks Theresa May spoke of working on practical solutions. The only solution is for her to respect the democratic wishes of the people of the North to remain.

“Brexit has the potential to undermine the Good Friday Agreement, undermine the all-Ireland economy and undermine progress.

“The imposition of Brexit on Ireland again underlines the failure of partition. The option of Irish Unity is and must be on the agenda.

“There is need for all of those across Ireland who support the GFA, who support Irish Unity and oppose Brexit to stand together.

“There is a need to redefine relationships across Ireland and to build a unity of purpose opposed to Brexit and to promote unity, democracy, and prosperity.

“All of this puts a huge onus on the Taoiseach.

“He must respect the vote of the people in the north and advocate for all of Ireland in his upcoming meetings with the British Prime Minister.”


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