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Vision of 1916 remains relevant – Maskey

3 August, 2016 - by Paul Maskey

Sinn Féin MP Paul Maskey said the vision of Roger Casement remains as relevant today as it was in 1916.

Mr Maskey was speaking after a vigil was held outside Pentonville Prison to mark the 100th Anniversary of Roger Casement’s execution.

“The vigil organised by the ‘London Easter 1916 Centenary Committee’ highlighted the continued relevance of the vision of Casement and the other men and women of 1916.

“Roger Casement was a great republican and humanitarian.

“In his speech from the dock – Casement outlined the aim of republicanism, stating: ‘We aimed at uniting all Irishmen in a natural and national bond of cohesion based on mutual self-respect.’

“This remains the republican vision today. Every day Sinn Féin is working to realise this New Ireland.

“The recent Brexit decision has swept away old assumptions and certainties. A majority of those living in the Six Counties voted to remain within the EU – yet they now face the prospect of being dragged out against their wishes.

“Sinn Féin will obviously be to the fore in this debate, advocating the advantages and necessity of Irish reunification.

“But we cannot work alone – we need our political partners and social partners in civil society to assist us. We need the input of civic stakeholders and the Trade Union movement.

“An Ireland which celebrates the diversity of all of our people regardless of religious persuasion, cultural identity, or sexual orientation. An Ireland of prosperity and social justice across every aspect of life.

“The struggle goes on and it falls on us today to complete the work of 1916.”

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