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Fine Gael talking out both sides of their mouth on protection of geographical indicators - Lynn Boylan MEP

13 September, 2016 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan has today called out Fine Gael for its hypocrisy in supporting transatlantic trade deals such as TTIP and CETA whilst at the same time lauding the merits of protecting geographical labels for food products such as the Waterford blah. 

Lynn Boylan said;

"Fine Gael are openly and enthusiastically the biggest cheerleaders in Ireland for these trade deals with the US and Canada. The party continue to bat away and ignore the serious and very real concerns voiced from farmers, citizens and NGOs of the devastating impact TTIP and CETA will have on our way of life in Ireland.

"But to then hear Fine Gael politicians, praising Protected Geographical Indicators, one of the most controversial aspects at threat from these trade deals, beggars belief. The trade deal with Canada (CETA) shows us what’s down the line for TTIP, with just one in ten food products protected after heavy lobbying from Canadian and American producers who want to use the place names of food they produce even if they haven't been produced in countries in Europe.

"These recognised high-quality agricultural products produce real value for local communities but will be seriously undermined by these trade deals. Fine Gael cannot be on the one hand a champion of these geographical indicators whilst on the other hand blindly-devoted supporters of the trade deals which put them at threat.

"I call on Fine Gael to reject the upcoming deal with Canada, the ratification of which will be put to the vote in the Dáil, if they are serious about truly defending our high-quality agricultural produce and these geographical indicators."

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