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Hazzard announces £73,000 for local road safety initiatives

20 September, 2016 - by Chris Hazzard

Infrastructure Minister Chris Hazzard has allocated £73,000 for local road safety initiatives as part of the Department's Road Safety Grant Scheme.

Mr Hazzard said: 

“Road traffic collisions and their devastating consequences hit right at the core of our communities. Government works hard to inform road users of the problem issues in order to help them make good choices when using the roads. The evidence tells us, that good choices by road users, saves lives.

“I know that government can’t succeed on its own and I recognise the valuable role the voluntary and community sector plays in helping us work towards reducing death and injury on our roads. This is why, through the Road Safety Grant Scheme, I continue to support local road safety initiatives which allow us to deliver powerful road safety messages to the heart of communities addressing their specific road safety problems.”

Minister Hazzard continued: 

 “Already this year 48 people have been killed on our roads.  The only way to reduce these deaths is for everyone on the road to make better choices and safer decisions, on every journey.

“Collectively, as a community, we need to work towards zero road deaths.  The efforts of the whole community will surely help in bringing us closer to this goal. After all, we all share the road, so we should all share the responsibility.”

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