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'Brexit talks could fail' - McGuinness

27 September, 2016 - by Martin McGuinness

The British Government's attempt to negotiate its way out of the European Union could fail, Sinn Féin MLA Martin McGuinness has told the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool.

Speaking at the annual Ulster Fry Breakfast event, the Deputy First Minister said there was no guarantee the Brexit negotiations would succeed.

He commented: "Whatever happens it is clear the British Government face a very tough negotiation with the other EU member states as they seek to agree terms for their exit from the union.

"There is no guarantee those negotiations will succeed. In fact, given the complexity of the issues involved and the opposition of the other EU nations, I believe they will not produce a good outcome because there is no good outcome to Brexit. That is why the people of the north voted to stay in Europe and that is the mandate I will take into the negotiations."

Mr McGuinness also repeated his call for the Irish Government to establish an all-island Forum on Brexit as a matter or urgency. 

He said: "That forum should not be about managing or minimising the negative effects of Brexit on the island of Ireland. Because there is no way to manage or minimise the negative impact of Brexit.  

"The forum should be established to examine the implications of the British referendum and, critically, all options for defending the interests of Ireland and the Irish people by ensuring that the north remains part of the EU alongside the rest of Ireland."

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