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Ní Riada calls on MEPs to support indigenous works

3 October, 2016 - by Liadh Ní Riada MEP

Liadh Ní Riada MEP has called on the European Parliament's Culture and Education Committee to take advantage of an opportunity to give greater supports to indigenous works.

Ms Ní Riada made the call following the publication of the directive on Audio-visial services.

She said;

"As someone who has worked as a producer before entering politics, I see this as an opportunity to help smaller producers compete with their larger counterparts.

"The directive deals with a whole range of different issues in the sector, such as advertising and product placement. I recognise that the directive calls for a quota of 20% for European produced content, which I think is a wonderful idea on paper. However, in practice, it could lead us to a situation where a smaller country that speaks the same language as a larger one could be bombarded with content from that larger member state.

"Therefore, I will be submitting an amendment calling on that the 20% quota be divided 50/50 between European content and national content.

"The directive also deals with a whole range of areas but the issue of creative arts is where we can make a huge change.

"It amazes me that you can walk up and down the towns of Ireland and you'll see our theatres full of Irish produced plays. They receive much critical acclaim. It is frustrating that this isn't reflected more prominently on our screens. 

"Ireland has a wealth of talent when it comes to our creative sector and this directive provides an opportunity to try and nurture, grow and develop that talent. 

"This will benefit both the consumers and those who work in the sector."

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