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British government on collision course with EU over Brexit - McGuinness

3 October, 2016 - by Martin McGuinness

Sinn Féin MLA Martin McGuinness has said the British government is clearly on a collision course with the EU over Brexit. 

Mr McGuinness said; 

"It is quite obvious the British government is on a collision course with the EU in which our economy and successive agreements are regarded as collateral damage. 

"This is more about the internal division within the British Tory party which clearly has no clue whatsoever about what it is facing. 

"The Tories clearly do not care about the people of the North who clearly voted to remain in the EU. 

"None of this is a done deal and it is important that people mobilise in a campaign to confront the selfish approach of the British government which holds out the potential to hugely damage our economy.

"There is also a need for the Irish government to act on an all-Ireland and European level to represent the democratic wishes of the people of the North and respect the remain vote."

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