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Fine Gael MEPs show disregard for food insecurity - Lynn Boylan MEP

5 October, 2016 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin MEP, Lynn Boylan has called into question the priorities of Fine Gael’s MEPs after a vote in the European Parliament today on global food security. 

She said;

"There were some very positive elements to this report which sought to underline the problems with global food security especially for developing countries where these issues are felt acutely. However, it was disappointing to see Fine Gael and their political group try to weaken the text.

"Bizarrely, all four MEPs voted against an amendment which condemned land grabbing which hits local small-scale farmers and contributes to food insecurities and poverty. Their political group also tried to remove a section of the report which called for concrete measures against land grabbing to take place. How Fine Gael can stand over tacit support for land grabbing beggars belief.

"Worryingly, all Fine Gael’s MEPs voted also against an amendment which calls for EU policies to respect the right of local food producers to have control over their land, seeds and water. This amendment also called for the rejection of ‘the privatisation of natural resources’. From a party that refuses to give its own electorate the right to say no to privatisation of its water sources in a referendum, this should perhaps be no surprise.

"Fine Gael need to reassess their priorities when voting on these matters. Protection of local communities and smallholders or local food producers in tackling hunger in developing countries must be given precedence over private profit."

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