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DUP cannot be allowed to stall process any longer

27 April, 2005

Responding to comments made today by the DUP leader Ian Paisley regarding the future of the political process, Sinn Féin General Secretary Mitchel McLaughlin said 'that nationalists and republicans would not take lectures from Ian Paisley on democracy but had shown themselves prepared to move forward on the basis of equality and respect'.

Mr McLaughlin said:

"Given the history of Ian Paisley and his party nationalists and republicans will not take lectures from him on democracy. What nationalists and republicans have displayed is a willingness to move forward on the basis on equality and respect, the future mapped out for us in the Good Friday Agreement.

"The vast majority of people on this island voted for the Agreement. Sinn Féin are absolutely committed to seeing its full implementation. We have stretched ourselves and our constituency time and again to see progress made. The recent initiative taken by Gerry Adams does I believe offer us an opportunity to move forward.

"But others including the DUP have to step up to the mark. The DUP need to show the rest of us that they have belatedly accepted basic principals of respect and equality. If not then the onus shifts onto the two governments to ensure that the process is not further stalled by rejectionist unionisms unwillingness to embrace change."ENDS

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