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N32 bus lane is not used by a single bus

28 April, 2005

Councillor Killian Forde, Sinn Fein finance spokesperson on Dublin City Council is calling on the government to urgently release the funds to allow Dublin Bus purchase the 150 buses they were promised in 2001.

The lack of buses in the city has meant that there is now a two-kilometre stretch of road in North Dublin, the N32, with a dedicated bus lane, that cost ten of millions, but not a single bus uses it.

Councillor Forde said "The last bus service to use the bus lane was the privately owned and run AerDart Company who abandoned the service when they were unable to make the profits they hoped for. This private operator was handed over a dedicated bus lane paid for by taxpayers, given free reign over fare setting and a route with no other competition. Yet despite this failure in privately run bus services the government refuses to release the funds for Dublin Bus to purchase stock until they open up their routes to private competition!"

"Dublin Bus have informed me that they would be unable to replace the gap left by AerDart, as they have not enough buses, and so, amongst others, airport workers commuting from the Northeast of the city are forced into town and then back out if they want to get into work."

"While the users of the N32 are stuck in traffic beside a empty and unused Bus Lane, Dublin Bus engineers are forced to cannibalise parts to maintain the stock, the management of the company are forced to cut services, the cabinet cruise around in their sleek chauffeured driven Merc comfortable in their wisdom that privatisation is the future. Marie Antoinette would be proud of them."ENDS

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