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Ní Riada challenges misogyny in the European Parliament

4 April, 2017 - by Liadh Ní Riada MEP

Sinn Féin MEP Liadh Ní Riada has challenged the use of misogynistic language in the European Parliament.

The Ireland South MEP spoke up during a debate in the Parliament to make a Point of Order challenging the use of the term 'Mompreneurs.'

“I find it highly ironic and not a little concerning that a ridiculous term such as 'Mompreneur' could find its way into legislation on Women and Their Role in Rural Areas,” she said.

“Language matters, here more than most places where we are supposed to be setting the examples that will address the many inequalities people face right across Europe. It's an absolute scandal that in a debate on the role of women we would be employing such belittling and condescending terminology.

“I'm absolutely appalled that my fellow Irish MEPs, Brian Hayes and Sean Kelly of Fine Gael, supported the use of this type of language.

“If we want to support women and mothers in rural Ireland who are trying to start businesses of their own we do that by putting them on a level playing field with other entrepreneurs, not by saddling them with some cutesy label that instantly demeans them and their ambition by portraying it as some sort of bored housewife hobby.

“What hope is there for rural women when even the legislation designed to support them looks down on them.

“Thankfully the speaker took on board my concerns and will be referring the issue to Language Services for review.

“Women attempting to build businesses in the countryside already have a mountain of unique problems to overcome, the last thing they need is the European Parliament announcing to the world that even it doesn't take them seriously.

“Entrepreneurs create jobs, they stimulate communities, they take risks; this is what defines them, not their gender.”

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