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Kearney welcomes PSNI commitment to a step change on road safety issues

5 May, 2017 - by Declan Kearney

South Antrim MLA, Declan Kearney has welcomed commitments from the PSNI to undertake increased operational visibility aimed at promoting road safety awareness among motorists, and encouraging responsible driving. 

Arising from a detailed meeting between Sinn Féin and the PSNI, attended by Area Commander, Emma Bond, and other senior local officers, and which addressed local policing, patterns of criminal activity, community safety issues, and local road safety, Declan Kearney asked the police to adopt a step change in their approach to encouraging motorists to reduce speed and towards increasing road safety for all road users and pedestrians in Creggan, Cargin and Moneyglass.

“Since the very serious accident involving two school children alighting from a school bus on the Staffordstown Road in January this year, I have made representations to the PSNI about the need for measures to discourage excessive traffic speeds and also address associated road safety concerns along the Staffordstown Road and side roads, specifically the Blackrock Road. 

“A number of measures were discussed and follow-up actions agreed. I have encouraged the police to introduce increased speed checks in Creggan and Cargin, as a deterrent against potential dangerous driving, to raise awareness of speeding, and to enhance overall road safety. I expect these operations to take place in the coming period. 

“Whilst most local motorists are very responsible, rural roads remain particularly susceptible to hazardous driving behaviour. The roads around Creggan, Cargin, and Duneane are now experiencing higher than normal 

volumes of traffic due to the ongoing road works at Moneynick. So, this type of step change in police visibility is becoming increasingly important. 

"I am also concerned about traffic speed levels through Moneyglass, and especially between Gortgill and Loughbeg Road. Since presenting my concerns about Moneyglass to the PSNI and requesting greater levels of traffic safety operations there, Cllr Henry Cushinan and I met with Transport NI and have agreed to convene a site meeting with them in the area which is of most concern. 

“I also urged the PSNI to continue its ongoing engagement with local schools to promote road safety awareness. This is very important educational work and I would encourage all local schools to make use of this facility, particularly with the advent of summer holidays. 

“I want to thank the PSNI for their cooperation on the need for a strategic step change towards the road safety concerns I have presented. These are a very real concern for local residents. In turn I hope this type of partnership approach will not only help to change driving patterns and improve road safety locally, but also positively influence confidence in policing.” 

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