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Any border is bad for Ireland - Molloy

18 May, 2017 - by Francie Molloy

Sinn Féin Westminster candidate Francie Molloy will participate in a Round table discussion: ‘Europe in Question: Crossing Borders in a Turbulent European Union’ in Coventry this evening.

Speaking before the event the Mid-Ulster candidate said:

"I am very glad to be speaking at this evening's discussion and would like to thank Warwick University's 'Department of Politics and International Studies' for facilitating the event.

“Tonight is part of a continuation of a work programme we set in place to bring the focus and the attention of the academic community in Britain onto the risks that Brexit presents for Ireland.

"One of the many successes of the Peace Process and political dialogue has been the removal of most visible aspects of the border on this island.

“To such an extent that those travelling north and south would be hard pressed to know exactly when they have passed from one jurisdiction to the other. 

“It worries many people that this good work is being unpicked by Tory Brexiteers.

“In its latest estimate, cross-border trade in goods and services across the island is said to now stand at £5 billion. 

“Everyday an estimated 30,000 workers go between north and south for work.

“The EU's published Brexit Guidelines have recognised that the border must tackled in the first stage of negotiations. 

“Tory Brexiteer David Davis has said it was ‘illogical’ to place the issue of the border to the fore in negotiations.

“London is not taking full cognisance of the seriousness of the border issue.

“Let me be clear, as far as we're concerned any border is bad for Ireland.”

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