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Lynn Boylan MEP demands answers about EU Embassy in Israel's video promoting EU's relationship with Israel

5 August, 2017 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin MEP for Dublin Lynn Boylan has slammed the use of a person advocating genocidal violence against Palestinians as the face of a what appears to be an EU produced video promoting the EU's relationship with Israel.
Avishai Ivri, a man who has publically called for 1000 Arabs to be killed for every 1 Israeli killed, appeared in a promotional video which was posted on the EU Embassy in Israel's Facebook page last month. The video has since been removed.
Speaking from Dublin, Ms Boylan said;
“If this video was produced by the EU it is beyond comprehension how they saw fit to work with an individual who has such openly racist views about Palestinians.
“In 2012, this individual on his personal twitter account called for Gaza to be wiped out.  In 2014 he shared articles on social media supporting the cutting off of electricity and water, which is a violation of international law.
“I have written to EU Commissioner for Foreign Affairs, Frederica Mogherini demanding an explanation.   Did the European Union produce this video? Did they make the decision to use the individual in question and if so how can they possibly justify the presence of this individual in any material, video or otherwise that is associated with the EU?
“Avishai Ivri's comments about Palestinians are repugnant and should be condemned by all.  I have written to the new Foreign Affairs Minister, Simon Coveney seeking that he raise this matter with Ms Mogherini at the next EU Council meeting. There can be no tolerance of extremism within the EU."

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