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Brexit has accelerated debate on Irish Unity – Carthy

19 September, 2017 - by Matt Carthy MEP

Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy has said that Brexit has created an entirely new dynamic for the building of a new and agreed United Ireland.

Speaking at the opening day of the National Ploughing Championships in Co. Offaly during a discussion on Irish Unity hosted by Sinn Féin, the MEP for Midlands-Northwest said:

“The prospect of the North of Ireland being removed from the European Union against the will of the people there, and a reinforcing of the border in Ireland, has raised many questions about the future.

“Most people understand that it makes no political, economic or social sense to have one part of this island inside the EU and another outside. Many are saying that we need to look now at how to create new political structures that will benefit all of our people North and South. We must protect our industry, our farmers, our workers, and our students for whom Brexit is a potential catastrophe.

“Brexit has created an entirely new dynamic for the building of a new and agreed United Ireland. That is something which is reflected among members and supporters of all the main nationalist political parties on this island. This is simply a reflection of what is occurring in communities and wider civic society.”

Carthy said that back-to-back development and wasteful duplication served nobody, in either jurisdiction:

“It is inarguable that a United Ireland will act as a spur for economic growth, job creation, and a society across the whole island where all our citizens can prosper.

“Most people realise that it makes no sense to have two economies, two education systems, two health systems, two tax codes, two currencies on one small island. There is a growing recognition of the economic sense of an all-island economy with joined-up agriculture and health sectors.

“The Good Friday Agreement provides the ground rules for peaceful and democratic constitutional change through concurrent referendums North and South.

“Securing a referendum on Irish unity would be a momentous and historic opportunity for all the people of Ireland, allowing us to vote for the kind of government and society we wish to see.” 

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