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Taoiseach’s interview show’s he still does not understand the political crisis in the North - Declan Kearney MLA

12 November, 2017 - by Declan Kearney

Speaking after An Taoiseach's interview on RTE's "The Week in Politics" today, Sinn Féin National Chairperson Declan Kearney MLA said:

"The indifference shown by An Taoiseach for the rights agenda during his 'The Week in Politics' interview clearly demonstrates that he and the Irish Government still do not understand or accept the scale and nature of the political crisis in the north.

"His refusal to acknowledge the significance of Acht Gaeilge or delivery on other rights, and the need to implement past agreements, is giving cover to the negative role of the British Government, and that is a disgraceful dereliction of leadership.

"Resolution of the political crisis and re-establishment of the political institutions on the correct basis is being blocked by the British Tory Government's pact with the DUP.

"For as long as the Irish Government acquiesces to that reality it remains in default of its obligations under the Good Friday Agreement, and fails in its responsibility to northern nationalists and other progressive minded citizens.

"The challenges of Brexit and managing public services will not be addressed by a return to the status quo.

"An Taoiseach should say clearly if he now wants northern republicans, nationalists and other progressives to accept the denial of their rights and establishment of proper power sharing and partnership.

"The Irish Government needs to recognise that unless agreements are implemented and rights are protected the political process in the north will remain broken.

"An Taoiseach should be disassociating his government from its current acquiescence with the British Government and DUP pact and standing up for the rights of all citizens in the north."


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