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EU military Medical Command shows where the EU’s priorities lie - Lynn Boylan MEP

14 December, 2017 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

The EU has pledged to launch a new European medical command by the end of next year, this has been described by Federica Mogherini, the EU’s high representative for foreign affairs as one of "the building blocks of a Europe of security and defence". 

Reacting to the news in Strasbourg, Lynn Boylan said.

"The willingness with which Mogherini and other EU officials openly call for militarised Europe and for increased military spending in order to achieve a defence union, shows exactly where the EU’s priorities lie’.

"Fine Gael fully support the planned new European medical command. The Fine Gael government is failing to address the crisis in the Irish health system but can commit to the development of a rapidly deployable EU military medical corps. 

"While thousands of Irish people are forced to wait on trollies and thousands more have to wait months for appointments, Fine Gael has decided to commit Ireland to contributing to a 5 billion EU military research budget and a series of military projects. These include the medical command which is, according to EU officials intended, to make the EU a "credible power" in international politics.

"This medical centre is intended to improve the capacities of EU troops deployed as part of EU missions outside the EU - it ads nothing to European defence. It merely enables NATO members such as France to strengthen their imperialist adventures in north Africa and the Middle East. 

"By supporting these projects the Irish government is committing Ireland to providing logistical support to NATO supported wars.

"The joint medical centre is just one of the projects the EU intends to implement as part of PESCO. Fine Gael have also voted in favour of the creation of a common travel area which will be created through the development of special railways and roads for the movement of troops throughout the EU.

"The EU was not created to be a federalist military union, or indeed an international power. The development of a military union as part of the EU will only contribute to global instability and lead to more conflicts and humanitarian disasters."

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