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Digital Rights needed to protect equality and privacy online - Archibald

14 December, 2017 - by Caoimhe Archibald

 Sinn Féin's Caoimhe Archibald MLA has said digital rights protections are needed to protect the principles of privacy and equality online, as the US Federal Communications Commission decides the future of 'Net Neutrality' today.

 The East Derry MLA said:

 "The internet has transformed how we connect with each other, how we share information, and how much of our behaviour is recorded.

 "So much of our lives is now 'online'. We should therefore expect the same levels of privacy, safety and freedom online as we do in our places of work or study, or in our homes.

 "A decision by the US Supreme Court today to repeal 'Net Neutrality' would empower Internet Service Providers and online tech-giants on the internet, making it possible to gradually control traffic online.

 "The great service of the internet is the ability to connect us freely and on equal terms. Without these protections we stand to lose this freedom and equality of treatment.

 "The north of Ireland could potentially lose this equality of treatment, if the EU's 'Open Internet Access' rules fall after Brexit.

"The internet is a public good, and should be enshrined as such for our common benefit. It's time to establish online equality, protect our privacy for data and internet usage, and maximise the ability of the internet to connect, educate and empower citizens."

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