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Doherty calls on British Secretary of State to respond to economic aid package calls after Adria job losses

14 July, 2005

West Tyrone Sinn Féin MP, Pat Doherty reacting to today's announcement of another 185 job losses at Adria in Strabane said,

"The staggered manner in which jobs have been shed from Adria over recent times betrays the financial hardship and uncertainty that has been wrought on so many families in this area.

"Coupled with the closure of Herdsmans, the other longstanding mainstay of the local economy and the loss of 175 jobs from Adria in March, today's 185 job losses represent just the latest devastating blow to the local economy.

"While everyone understands that there are no quick fix solutions to replacing the jobs that have been lost in the textile sector, the response of central government Departments to the local crisis has been lacking to say the least.

"In May I wrote to both Tony Blair and NIO Secretary of State Peter Hain calling on central government to deliver a similar economic aid package for Strabane District as it did to alleviate the fallout from the collapse of MG Rover at Longbridge, in the West Midlands in England in April.

"The scale of the job losses in the area is a lot worse, in proportionate terms, than the impact of the closure of Longbridge to the West Midlands, yet I have not as much as received an acknowledgement of my representations never mind any offer of meetings to discuss such a package.

"In light of today‚s events, I am now calling on Peter Hain to now issue an immediate response to my call."ENDS


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