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Sinn Féin to hold LGBT public meeting

6 March, 2018 - by Megan Fearon

The Sinn Féin leadership will continue their series of public meetings this week with the latest being held in the Kremlin Bar on Wednesday night.

The party’s equality spokesperson Megan Fearon said:

“Wednesday’s meeting will focus on the current political impasse caused by the DUP’s decision to collapse the power-sharing negotiations rather than accept rights which are afforded to citizens everywhere else on these islands.

“It is an opportunity for the wider community to engage directly with the Sinn Féin party leadership as we plan the way forward for this society.

“All citizens must be afforded rights, be they marriage rights, rights to coroner’s inquests or language rights.

“Sinn Féin will continue to campaign and demand that those rights are implemented.

“While the talks process has been collapsed, standing still is not an option. We made it clear to Theresa May that the collapse of the talks by the DUP cannot be an excuse for the continued denial rights to citizens in the north.

“The north of Ireland is the only place in these islands, the only place in western Europe, that denies the right to marriage equality.

“During the negotiations Sinn Féin worked to secure a pathway to introduce marriage equality. It was our preference that this would be done by local power-sharing institutions which are genuinely committed to a rights-based society.

“However, the DUP collapsed the talks, stalling progress.

“Last week the British Secretary of State confirmed her government will allow a free vote on any proposal in Westminster to legislate for marriage equality here. The Labour Party immediately confirmed its intention to bring forward such a proposal.

“So even in the absence of an administration in Stormont, a clear pathway to marriage quality has now been opened up by our efforts and I look forward to this shameful inequality finally being addressed.

“There is now an onus on the British and Irish governments to convene the British Irish Intergovernmental Conference to ensure the full implementation of agreements and to protect and promote the rights of all citizens.” 

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