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David Davis border remarks welcome yet mystifying - David Cullinane TD

25 March, 2018 - by David Cullinane TD

David Cullinane, Sinn Fein spokesperson for brexit, today welcomed comments by David Davis that a border solution will be found, yet expressed confusion as to why this is still an issue.

Speaking today, Deputy Cullinane said:

"I welcome David Davis' remarks that a border solution for the island of Ireland will be found, yet I do not understand why this is still an issue.

"We are supposed to have already a 'cast-iron' guarantee that there will be no hard border.

"If that is the case, why is it still a matter of debate?

"It appears that the December joint report was a fudge to move talks onwards.

"Similarly, the joint agreement signed off on this week contains a similar fudge via the so-called legal protocol.

"The reality is that this was the only substantive part of the agreement that was not actually agreed.

"And the protocol will not be agreed at all now until October at the earliest - even though it was supposedly agreed last December.

"It is clear that the protocol itself is nothing more than a diplomatic sleigh of hand to park the Irish issue until the wider trade talks are concluded.

"Britain agrees with the protocol in principle; it just doesn't agree with it in practice.

"By the time October comes around the Irish government will be under enormous pressure to accept whatever agreement is put on the table.

"The hope is that it will be enough to avoid a hard border - but that itself is not guaranteed.

"The Irish government needs to ensure that the interests of the people of Ireland are protected."

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