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Mhic Géidigh hits out at Council

7 September, 2005

Donegal Sinn Féin Údaras member Grainne Mhic Géidigh has slammed the council on the issue of recycling facilities in the county. Speaking on the issue Mhic Geidigh hit out accusing the council of providing an inadequate service.

She said:

"I have been approached by many individuals in many different areas, about the issue of recycle bins. The main concern is that bins are being left overflowing in many communities for days on end and due to this rubbish is being left along side the bins."

"Regularly in Dungloe and Gweedore the bins are overflowing and there is a huge amount of rubbish thrown on the ground At the moment bins in most areas are emptied once a week and clearly this is not enough, these bins need to be emptied twice a week to cope with the amount of material being lodged at the sites."

"On various occasions that council have threatening to removed the recycle site in Dungloe if littering continues, this is completely counter productive, if the council want to know why people leave rubbish beside the bins it can be clearly seen, that is because the bins are full .The problem is not large numbers littering but rather lack of proper facilities".

Mhic Géidigh concluded saying,

"Recycling is a great initiative if it is run properly, blaming the public for the service not reaching its potential is juvenile. Littering is happening at these areas due to one reason that is the council's inability to maintain the service. Obviously there will be individuals who do litter these areas and I agree fully that they should be prosecuted. However, people cannot be fined, due to the council's failure to provide an adequate service".

"This is not a recent problem this issue of lack of adequate recycle facilities has been facing many communities in the county for to long. Its time the council addressed the issue instead of issuing threats of removing the valuable facility". ENDS

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