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'Onus on DUP leadership over Paisley debacle’ - McGuigan

2 August, 2018 - by Philip McGuigan

The debacle over Ian Paisley Jnr’s status at Westminster is further evidence of the need for the DUP leadership to clearly state its position on the disgraced MP, Sinn Féin MLA Philip McGuigan has said. 

The North Antrim MLA was speaking after it emerged that Ian Paisley’s party affiliation has been changed to ‘independent’ following his suspension from the DUP.

Philip Mcguigan commented: “The DUP Leadership have serious questions to answer over the Ian Paisley scandal and the latest debacle over his status as an MP only adds to the need for clarity.

“The DUP Leadership still refuse to say how long he is suspended for or to provide any details into the investigation they say they are conducting into his activities.

“Are they only reinvestigating what has already been established about his links to the brutal Sri Lankan regime or is there more? 

“They have also refused to state what their position will be if Ian Paisley contends any by-election as he has vowed to do. Will he do so as a DUP candidate or as an independent? And will the DUP run a candidate against him?

“This is important because the public have a right to know whether the DUP will take a stand against a lack of integrity in public office.

“They also have a right to know the DUP’s position on Ian Paisley’s attempts to prevent the UN investigating human rights abuses, war crimes and mass murder in Sr Lanka.

“That is absolutely appalling yet the DUP leadership have yet to even condemn that aspect of this whole sorry affair.” 

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