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Minister must step in to ensure delivery of affordable homes on Grange/Kilcarberry site - Cllr Mark Ward

10 September, 2018 - by Mark Ward

A majority of Councillors on South Dublin County Council have today supported a Sinn Féin amendment to the proposed housing development at the Grange/Kilcarberry, Clondalkin calling on the Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy to work with the management in South Dublin County Council to ensure that affordable homes are delivered on the site.

The motion passed 20 votes to 13 deferring a decision on the proposed sale of the Grange site by South Dublin to give management and politicians time to secure agreement from the Department of Housing to fund the development through a mixture of revenue and European Investment Bank funding.

Speaking during the meeting Sinn Féin group leader Cathal Kind said:

“The Council has proposed a development of 975 homes to be built by a private consortium on public land in the Grange/Kilcarberry, Clondalkin.

"294 of the homes will be social and paid for by the Department of Housing. The remaining 681 will be sold on the open market by the private developer. The Developer will also pay market price for the public land.

“Unfortunately the proposal does not provide any affordable Housing for working families. While the detail of the scheme in terms of housing, social mix, community facilities and land for a new school are all positive, the absence of any affordable housing is a real problem.

“Right across South Dublin there is an urgent need for affordable homes for households earning between €45,000 and €75,000.

"This means homes for sale at prices between €170,000 and €260,000. This can only be achieved if the development is publicly funded either via exchequer funding or a loan facility.

Sinn Féin Mayor of South Dublin and Clondalkin Councillor Mark Ward said:

“Sinn Féin supports the development in terms of the detail. However we can not support a financing model that would see all 681 non social houses sold at market prices. This would mean homes for sale from €340,000 and apartments for sale from €290,000. 

“On the basis of the information we have, none of the private homes would be affordable for single income households and the only homes that would be within the price range of two income households would be small one bed apartments.

“The only way for the development to meet the affordable needs of the local community is if the Council and the Department of Housing work together to put in place an alternative funding model.

"Allowing the Council to access a European Investment Bank loan would guarantee genuinely affordable homes for working families. This is happening in Dublin City and should be allowed in South Dublin.

“I am calling on all local politicians, whether Councillors or TDs, to work together to ensure that the Department of Housing agree to a loan facility and to ensure that this development can progress as a matter of urgency.”

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