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Attempts to undermine backstop must be resisted – O’Neill

20 October, 2018 - by Michelle O'Neill

Sinn Féin Deputy Leader Michelle O’Neill said an attempt by a Tory MP to undermine the EU backstop is more evidence of the reckless disregard of Tory Brexiteers for the people of the north.

Michelle O’Neill was speaking as people gathered in Belfast for the ‘Rally to Remain’ in the EU.

Michelle O’Neill said.

“The majority of the people voted to remain in the EU.

“Progressive parties in the north have been working with the EU and the Irish government to protect jobs, our economy, our agreements and rights.

“This week the British Prime Minister Theresa May showed her contempt for the majority of the people of the north when she refused to do a joint meeting with the leaders of the four parties who represent the pro-Remain majority.

“Theresa May’s disdain for the democratic will as a result of her party’s toxic partisan pact with the DUP has only emboldened the hard Brexiteers in their reckless pursuit of Brexit at any price.

“Today’s attempt by Tory MP Steve Baker to undermine the backstop agreed by Theresa May’s government with the EU is another example of the reckless disregard the Brexiteers have for the people of the north.

“They care nothing for jobs or for rights and are prepared to drive our economy over the cliff.

“The proposed ‘backstop’ is a safety net and insurance policy against the economic threat of Brexit to the island of Ireland.

“This latest attempt to undermine the backstop must be resisted by the EU and the Dublin government.

“EU negotiators and the Dublin Government must ensure the backstop becomes legally enforceable in any Brexit withdrawal agreement.

“We have to avoid economic apartheid on this island and a hard border.” 

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