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Hardy disappointment at unionist reaction to abuse revelation

9 January, 2019 - by Pátrice Hardy

Sinn Féin Councillor Patrice Hardy has expressed her disappointment at the response from unionist parties after she called for an end to the abusive behaviour directed towards her in Mid and East Antrim Borough Council.

Cllr. Hardy said: “I decided to speak out about the constant abuse I have had to contend with from fellow councillors because I believe that no one, in any walk of life, should be expected to put up with it.

“The constant jeering, the snide remarks, the bullying and misogynistic comments should not be tolerated and I had hoped that by speaking out, there would have at least been an acknowledgement that such behaviour is wrong.

“I was to be sorely disappointed because the reaction of the DUP and TUV in particular has been to ridicule my assertions and even report me to the Standards Commissioner for having the audacity to highlight them.

“Those now condemning me are very lucky that they don’t have to deal with the abuse that I face on a regular basis, both inside and outside the council chamber and online.

“This abuse will not deter me from representing the people of Mid and East Antrim but it does have a personal impact on me.

“It should not be happening and it should not be simply dismissed by parties who claim that Mid and East Antrim is inclusive to all.

“The Council’s record is anything but and if anyone has any doubts about my treatment, they are free to go and listen to the recordings of the various council meetings.”

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