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Hogan and Creed’s legacy will be cheap Brazilian beef on the Irish market – Kenny

29 June, 2019 - by Martin Kenny TD

Speaking following the agreement of the Merosur deal between the EU and Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay, Martin Kenny TD, Sinn Féin’s  Agriculture spokesperson, said it will damage the Irish beef industry and marks the end of the so-called special relationship Fine Gael has maintained with Irish farmers.

Deputy Kenny said:

“The blow to Irish farmers by allowing beef from those Latin American countries into the EU market is hard. Imports of beef will rise to almost 370,000 tonnes. Irish farmers, already facing the dangers of Brexit and the subsequent loss of the British market, this is a disaster.

“Where is the much-mentioned loyalty of Fine Gael and their partners Fianna Fáil to the Irish farmer? Where is the commitment to climate action when the rainforests of the Amazon are being cleared to facilitate beef farming while Irish farmers are expected to make life-changing decisions to prevent a climate disaster?

“I am calling on the government not to sign up to this deal before putting it to the Dáil. Such a deal cannot be allowed to go through with a nod from Ireland before the people have a say on it.

“The signing of an agreement with a right-wing, climate change denying regime like that of Bolsonaro in Brazil, makes a mockery of so-called concern for our planet and for human rights to boot.

“The legacy of Commissioner Hogan and Michael Creed will be cheap, Brazilian beef coming onto the EU market and Irish farmers being sacrificed on the altar of the motor industry which will benefit from the deal.” 

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