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Sinn Féin announce bill to ban fracking

13 October, 2020 - by Seán Lynch

Sinn Féin MLA Sean Lynch is to bring forward a Private Members Bill to ban fracking in the north.

The Fermanagh MLA said:

“The purpose of this bill is to put a halt to the issuing of any future licenses from the Minister of Economy for the exploration, extraction and production of fuels extracted by hydraulic fracturing.

"Sinn Féin will work to ensure that Ireland's fossil fuels remain in the ground and a much greater emphasis is placed on developing renewable technologies.

"While all fossil fuel extraction is harmful, particularly in the midst of global crisis, fracking has been shown the world over to be uniquely dangerous, not just to the environment but to the health and well-being of local populations.

“Earlier this year the Assembly supported a Sinn Féin motion declaring a climate emergency. That was the first step. It's now time for us as legislators to build on that and take bold, decisive action to protect our environment and preserve our planet for future generations.”

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