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Object of talks must be fully functioning institutions - Adams

25 January, 2006

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams speaking today on the eve of the meeting in Dublin of the Taoiseach and the British Prime Minister said that “the DUP cannot be allowed to block progress toward the restoration of the political institutions. The two governments have to make it clear to Mr. Paisley that the object of the forthcoming talks is to see the restoration within months of fully functioning institutions.”

Mr Adams said:

“Tomorrow’s discussions in Dublin come in advance of planned talks early next month. Given the current position of the DUP it is crucial that the two governments make it clear that the object of these discussions is to see the speedy restoration of fully functioning institutions in line with the Good Friday Agreement.

“What is required is a genuine effort to make progress in the months ahead. That means:

•An end to the illegal suspension of the institutions imposed by the British government in October 2002.

•The triggering of the d'honte mechanism, for electing the Executive.

•Agreement by the DUP to take up their seats in an Executive along with other mandated parties

•Substantive progress on outstanding aspects of the Agreement including demilitarisation, equality and human rights issues

•The conclusion of the debate on policing on the basis set out in December 2006

•Northern representation to be brought forward in the Oireachtas

•Delivery of a peace dividend for the north and border counties.

“The two governments and in particular the British government have a responsibility to make it clear that the DUP’s approach will not be allowed to stall progress further.

“Sinn Féin is ready to do business with the governments, the DUP and other parties. This party is determined to make progress and determined that the next few months should see the delivery of the huge expectations of the people of this island.” ENDS

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