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Sinn Féin pledges support to the #MakeAmazonPay Campaign

27 November, 2020 - by Louise O'Reilly TD, Jemma Dolan

Sinn Féin spokespeople for Workers Rights Jemma Dolan MLA and Louise O’Reilly TD have reiterated Sinn Féin’s support for the Make Amazon Pay Campaign.

This global campaign is being led by Trade Unionists, Environmentalists and progressives and calls on legislators throughout the World to oppose the way in which Amazon’s global expansion has eroded workers’ rights and undermined environmental standards. It also calls time on Amazon continued tax evasion across the world.

They said:

“Sinn Féin supports this campaign to make Amazon Pay. 

“While many businesses and workers have struggled throughout this pandemic, this multinational has grown its extortionate profits to levels that are unprecedented and unjustified.

“Within the last quarter alone Amazon’s global revenues have jumped to €80.6 billion, while in the 26 counties the company’s pre-tax profits have doubled over the last two years to €39.7 million.

“Despite these record increases Amazon has treated its workers with complete contempt. Throughout the pandemic workers had been ordered to work in unsafe conditions.

“The company has also trampled on collective bargaining rights and has been known to lay off workers attempting to unionise, while delivery drivers have been paid less than the minimum wages and have been exploited through bogus self-employment.

“In light of these abuses Sinn Féin has signed the #MakeAmazonPay petition and we would encourage other representatives from across the world to show solidarity and to also sign the pledge here:”

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