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MacManus calls for full transparency on EU vaccine contracts

27 January, 2021 - by Chris MacManus MEP

MacManus calls for full transparency on EU vaccine contracts

Sinn Féin MEP Chris MacManus has said the latest drama regarding the AstraZeneca vaccine means that all EU vaccine contracts should be made public.

MacManus said public trust was at stake, “Today’s news that AstraZeneca have pulled out of a meeting with the Commission leaves the EU no option but to make public the contracts entered into. This is now a fundamental issue of public trust.”

“Up to now, we as MEPs could only see one of the contracts in a very redacted format in a special reading room.  We are talking about vaccines that are critical to public health in the EU. They must be made public.”

“In order to radically curb the pandemic, the timely mass production and availability of safe, effective and affordable vaccines is of outmost importance. Scientists have been working intensively to develop effective COVID-19 vaccines and the EU has dedicated significant amounts of public funds to this end.”

The Midlands Northwest MEP concluded, “Full transparency of the vaccine negotiations and all purchase agreements, not only the version of the contract with AstraZeneca, including all clauses, articles and provisions, should complement a campaign of public information on vaccinations in each country.” ENDS

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