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O2 (UK) should follow O2 (Ireland) lead to end roaming charges

8 February, 2006

Sinn Féin General Secretary, Mitchel Mc Laughlin MLA has called on O2 (UK) the service provider in the 6 Counties to follow the lead of its sister Company O2 (Ireland) by abolishing roaming charges on the island of Ireland.


Mr. Mc Laughlin MLA for Foyle said “Sinn Féin has campaigned consistently on this issue for a long time. I have taken delegations to meet with the regulators from North and South on a number of occasions in the past number of years. We have argued that mobile phone users here are being unjustly penalised simply because of where they live.


“That O2 (Ireland) has taken the lead to end this injustice for residents of the 26 Counties is a welcome development but I am calling O2 (UK) to make this service available to residents of the 6 Counties in co-operation with its sister company in the South. All other mobile phone operators on the island should also follow suit.


“We live on a relatively small island which even British Secretary of State Peter Hain has acknowledged needs to develop by promoting joint ventures economically and socially on an all-Ireland basis. Clearly O2 (Ireland) recognise the need to treat the island of Ireland as a single economic entity. If O2 (UK) does not voluntarily follow this policy then it will present Peter Hain with a perfect opportunity to put his comments into action by giving the regulators the necessary powers to enforce such a policy, not just on O2 but on all of the service providers who continue to rip off their customers.” ENDS

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