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End the €91 million private schools subsidy - Senator Paul Gavan

29 March, 2021 - by Paul Gavan

Sinn Féin Senator Paul Gavan has called for the state subsidy to private schools to be stopped and for investment in a truly free education system. 

In the Seanad today, Senator Gavan said:

“The recent scandal with the Beacon Hospital providing vaccines to the staff of a private school puts into focus a certain status and privilege of private education, which is subsidised by the state.

“Parents, if they wish, can choose private education for their children. But the €91 million state subsidy to private schools supporting wealthy parents must end, and be redirected toward a truly free education system.

“Private education facilitates the transfer of privilege from one generation to the next, and disparities across the education system impinges upon equality of opportunity.

“A Barnardos report has highlighted that, with an investment of €103 million we could provide a fully free primary education to all.

"This should be the direction of state funds, so we can create an education system that gives equal opportunities to all."

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