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Dillon slams disgraceful and inexcusable delay over Justice Bill

9 June, 2021 - by Linda Dillon

Sinn Féin MLA Linda Dillon has slammed the disgraceful and inexcusable delay on the Justice Bill.

The party’s Justice spokesperson said:

“The Justice Bill is a crucial piece of legislation which amongst other things protects victims of sexual offences, strengthens the law around child sexual exploitation, and creates new offences of ‘upskirting’ and ‘downblousing’.

“The minister has now tried to table this bill for discussion in the Executive for five weeks however some ministers appear to be blocking its progress.

“All parties in the Executive have publicly spoken of the importance of this bill and their desire to see this bill progress. The Justice Minister has already publicly confirmed that no parties have any objections to the current content of the bill – yet some ministers continue to block it.

“My party and our ministers have been very clear in our support for this bill and this kind of doublespeak and delay from other parties is disgraceful and inexcusable and it needs to end.

“The Justice Minister has now stated that if this bill does not clear the Executive this week then it cannot be delivered this mandate.

“Two members of the Justice Committee – including the chairperson – were yesterday announced as new DUP ministers and I am calling on them to use their influence to ensure this bill reaches the floor of the Assembly.

“The stakes are high and it is critical that this bill is agreed at the Executive this week.” 

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