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Economy minister must act on Co2 concerns - Archibald

20 September, 2021 - by Caoimhe Archibald

Sinn Féin MLA Caoimhe Archibald has called on the economy minister to ensure that industry here is not impacted by the type of carbon dioxide shortages currently being experienced in Britain.

The party's economy spokesperson said:

"Soaring gas and electricity prices have been hitting consumers over recent weeks and that trend is set to continue as wholesale energy prices reach record highs.

"This has been particularly apparent in Britain, where post-Brexit gas prices have soared greater than in the EU. These price increases are now having an industrial impact after two major fertiliser plants halted production, prompting a shortage of carbon dioxide, a by-product of fertiliser production.

"Carbon dioxide is vitally important in a number of sectors including food production, animal slaughterhouses and pharmaceuticals.

"While there is some supply of carbon dioxide on the island of Ireland, issues could arise over the next short while if the situation is not resolved in Britain.

"This shortage could have a further knock-on effect of increased costs, putting more pressure on workers and families here.

"I am therefore calling on the economy minister to take action to ensure adequate carbon dioxide supply is maintained for industry here." 

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